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Allison StowellIndividual Nutrition Counseling, Corporate Consulting, Communications

My professional life can seem quite diverse. I can be sitting one-on-one tackling the tremendous issues underlying an eating disorder on the same day that I chat it up with fifty or more grocery store customers while serving them a sample of a nutritious food and later draft a response to a media request for one of my corporate clients.

Good nutrition stems from a healthy relationship with food.

At the heart of the many ways I work with nutrition, however, is a simple philosophy about our relationship with food. The starting point for the many “spokes” of my work is a belief that we all have the power to reach our nutrition goals when we are given the right tools.

Having the right nutrition tools leads to positive, lasting change.

I believe in balance, no gimmicks, no games and keeping it simple. Whether I am demystifying nutrition for a consumer or giving a client the tools to achieve her wellness goals, I teach people how to make positive, lasting change because I believe they can.

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