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Trick or Treat During a Pandemic

Most communities will not be trick or treating this year, making Halloween 2020 like no other. The folks over at Guiding Stars asked me for some ideas that keep the spirit of the holiday while also keeping kids safe.

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International Kitchen

Most of us are cooking at home now more than we typically do. This likely means that most of us are also facing the daily dinner dilemma that some days seems so tiring to tackle. We turn to our pantry, refrigerator, or freezer to find foods we make night after night, which becomes not only boring to prepare, but likely also receives groans and complaining comments from those you cook for. Since cooking at home has many benefits and the moment we’re living in may mean we need to focus on our home kitchen for some time longer, it’s time to change this pattern.

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Get Outside & Enjoy the Sunshine!

The Produce for Better Health Foundation is committed to helping people enjoy happier, healthier, lives by eating more fruits and vegetables every day. I'm pleased to be helping them meet that commitment by writing posts for them that celebrate fruits and vegetables. My latest post is all about packing produce on your next outdoor adventure.

Read more Asked Why Diets Don’t Work…Here’s my Answer

Recently CW Headly, reporter for asked me why diets don't help you lose weight. Here's my answer....

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Why I love Telenutrition

We need to do whatever we can to maintain our wellness routine…enter telehealth- the convenient way to connect when life gets (or always is) busy.

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Nutrition Trend vs. Food Industry Trend

If there is one thing I appreciate be able to observe in my role as a retail dietitian, it’s the intersection of nutrition guidance and food industry trend. In other words, the crossroads that a consumer finds themselves at when they search the aisles of the supermarket for the foods that they believe are the most nutritious for their family, while recalling the latest headline they saw online, the magazine article they read, or the persuasive package call outs they pass as they shop. After all, if coconut oil is all over the supermarket then it must be good for you right?

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Turn tonight’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch!

Back to school means back to a busy schedule packed with active afternoons and eventful evenings that may leave little time for dinner prep and just about no time to organize a kid-friendly lunch. When your family is gluten free this is all more challenging. Find Me Gluten Free asked me how I can make it easier for you. My response is a blueprint that seamlessly gets you through five days of family friendly meals.

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Have you met my BFF Nima?

If you have celiac disease, then you know the scene well. Someone bakes gluten free cookies for you in their very not gluten free kitchen or a server insists they know all about cross contamination and have it covered. You’re left measuring your anxiety and weighing the pros and cons. Enter Nima, your new dining partner that does the assessing for you.

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A Celiac Family of 4 and a Very (very) Long Road Trip

My family recently piled into the car and went for an epic road trip that took us through 8 states. It’s challenging when any family hits the road…do you have enough snacks? Electronics? Access to easy on/off exits? But, when a celiac family travels roads unknown it’s even more difficult. However, with planning it’s not impossible. In fact, we did it pretty easily... and so can you!

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Gluten Free Food for a Crowd

Planning a menu for Super Bowl or another big game? Game food is always fun, and luckily not that hard to make gluten free. It just takes a few alternative cooking methods, and the right ingredients, to ensure a balanced, healthy and allergy friendly menu.

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