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Turn tonight’s dinner into tomorrow’s lunch!

Back to school means back to a busy schedule packed with active afternoons and eventful evenings that may leave little time for dinner prep and just about no time to organize a kid-friendly lunch. When your family is gluten free this is all more challenging. Find Me Gluten Free asked me how I can make it easier for you. My response is a blueprint that seamlessly gets you through five days of family friendly meals.

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2017 Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Candy List & More

Yes, I'm a dietitian, but sometimes I feel like I am often looking up candy lists. Beginning with Halloween, and now Valentine’s Day, I always seek the latest candy list for families I work with and my own celiac son. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the holiday treats you choose are in fact gluten free. Of course, I also have a few suggestions to avoid those sweets altogether (after all, I am a dietitian!)

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What to do with all of that leftover holiday candy….

The celebrating may be over and the guests have left, but the candy has stuck around. What to do with all that chocolate and other treats? I’ve got some ideas…

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Guest Blogger: Hannah Gwen Stowell, Age 7

Hannah Gwen Stowell, age 7, shares her ideas on what she likes to bring to school or camp.

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Be My Valentine with the Perfect Craft for Kids: Heart Shaped Crayons

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day treat for you child's class that is all treat with none of the sugar? My kids and I have made the perfect Valentine's Day present for your children to share with their friends.

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Ten Great Trail Mixes

In my opinion, there is no easier (and great for you!) snack to put together than trail mix! Skip the packaged varieties and try one of these instead!

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