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Gluten Free Kitchen Consultant

Are you a celiac or someone with severe gluten intolerance that fears eating out or a restaurant that wonders if you are serving your celiac customers in the safest way possible?

As your gluten free kitchen consultant, I’m here to ease your worry. Using my years of professional and personal experience I help families locate restaurants that are truly ready to serve celiac customers. I also work with restaurants to ensure they are following true celiac guidelines.

Services for Restaurants

Did you know that nearly 83% of Americans are either misdiagnosed or not aware they have celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance? The gluten free trend is here to stay. If you are looking to stand out in the “restaurant crowd” becoming a safe place for celiac customers is a must. With the right strategy and support, you can become the place those with food allergies and celiac disease turn to for a safe and delicious meal.

Let me:

Train your staff with online modules tailored to fit your needs

Ensure your kitchen is engaging in safe GF practices

Promote your restaurant on social media so that everyone knows you are a GF destination

Support for Individuals and Families

When you live with celiac disease, it can be hard to eat safely day to day. Eating in restaurants and travelling can be downright terrifying. Let me do the hard work for you. Simply tell me where you will be travelling to and I will reach out to restaurants ahead of time and ensure that you have a list of safe places to eat as well as the contacts at those establishments to ensure you can enjoy your dining experience without worry. Whether you are travelling far or just joining friends for an evening, I’m here to make it safe and fun for you.


  • Fool proof ordering skills
  • Expert instruction on hidden sources of gluten
  • Personalized celiac friendly restaurant round up
  • Ongoing support and restaurant reviews as needed

Prices vary based on services needed. Please contact me for more information.