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2017 Gluten Free Valentine’s Day Candy List & More

Yes, I’m a dietitian, but sometimes I feel like I am often looking up candy lists. Beginning with Halloween, and now Valentine’s Day, I always seek the latest candy list for families I work with and my own celiac son. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that the holiday treats you choose are in fact gluten free. Of course, I also have a few suggestions to avoid those sweets altogether (after all, I am a dietitian!)

Alli’s Valentine’s Day Tips:

Pass on the candy altogether. Treat your valentine to one of these non-food treats that are ideal for your family or your child’s class. Contributing food to a class party? Share gluten free, healthful snacks like fresh fruit kebabs and vanilla yogurt, allergy friendly trail mix made from dried cranberries, GF cereal, and maybe mini nut-free chocolate chips or marshmallows, slice cheese as little hearts or turn another healthful snack into a valentine’s treat with festive changes using cookie cutters, stickers or other small changes.

Candy may be produced in different locations throughout the year. Don’t assume that the heart shaped version of your favorite candy is gluten free just because the original variety is. Depending on production needs, companies may produce candy using different ingredients or in facilities that aren’t safe for some people.

Seek the most updated candy list. There may be outdated lists available online. This is the most updated list from the Celiac Disease Foundation. Please note: confirming with manufacturers is always recommended.