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Guest Blogger: Hannah Gwen Stowell, Age 7

When I’m at school I see kids bring  the same thing to eat. Here are some  foods I like.

Colorful lunch ideas:

Crackers, cheese, tomatoes, carrots

Tortilla chips to dip in avocado, black beans and tomato

Pasta salad with diced peppers, cucumber, chicken and salad dressing

Veggies and ranch dressing, cold chicken strips

Mini bagels with cream cheese and tomato

Greek yogurt with homemade trail mix (I put cereal, pistachios and dried cranberries in a bag.)

Some other snacks I like to pack:

GoGo Squeeze Applesauce on the Go

Kashi Peanut Peanut Bars

Chocolate almond butter and crackers

Fruit salad

Product Review:

Last week, I brought a GoPicnic boxed lunch with SunButter and Crackers. I like the little bags but they were really hard to open so I had to get help from a teacher.It tasted great! I loved it…and not just the cookie! It was really good.