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What to do with all of that leftover holiday candy….

The celebrating may be over and the guests have left, but the candy has stuck around. What to do with all that chocolate and other treats? I’ve got some ideas…

You see bunny, I see chocolate covered fruit

Store that solid chocolate bunny and other chocolates and plan to melt them down the next time you want a fun dessert. Simply cut up seasonal fruit and get dipping. Or slice bananas in half, place a popsicle stick in the cut side, dip and freeze to create a creamy, frozen banana treat!

If you are baking anyway…

Ok, so you may be able to melt the plain chocolate but what about the chocolates with fillings, M&M’s and the like? Save them for cookies, brownies and other desserts that may call for chocolate chips. Store them in a cool, dry place and then use them as you need.

Use jelly beans to get creative with baked goods

What better way to celebrate National Jelly Bean Day (April 22nd in case you don’t have it on your calendar!) then with these easy Food Network jelly bean cookies. Or hang on to them and try these ideas from Jelly Belly.

All about those Peeps…

You have a lineup of Peeps that looked cute in the Easter basket, but now what? Last summer we held on to ours and used them in place of marshmallows for our campfires (incidentally, we also used our chocolate bunnies and leftover filled chocolates for these too!). has many ideas for Peeps like creating lollipops, adding them as cake decorations and more.

If nothing else….

Hide the candy and bring it out for the times when you would have allowed a treat such as during a trip to the movies, for ice cream sundaes or for a party. The key here is to HIDE IT until these special moments come up!