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Comcast Channel 8 Passion for Health: Healthful Snacking

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed for the Passion for Health series for Comcast Channel 8 in Putnam County, NY. If you tuned in then you already know all about healthful snacking. If you missed it, I review all of the details here…and we’ll make sure you know when the next one airs!

Why Snack?

                Remember, snacking isn’t just for kids- for adults too! It is the critical “bridge” between our meals that sustains our energy/blood sugar and helps us have a more “even” day.  Also, it helps us meet our daily nutrient needs when we choose fruit or whole grain, fiber rich snacks.

What is a good snack?

A “good” snack is one that you can actually remember, that has an impact on your day and is memorable because it took some time to think about or make and is sustaining. Ideally a snack offers a combination of carbohydrate with protein and/or fat, which digests in you slowly and actually holds you over until your next meal. When you don’t have a combo like this then you are likely adding calories to your day. For example, a 100 calorie snack pack of crackers or cookies may taste good in the moment but you won’t actually be held over by eating it. That means that it is more likely to add 100 calories to your day because you will still be hungry. The snack ideas I am sharing with you today are designed to curb your appetite, sustain your energy and help you eat to be full rather than hungry.

 What snacks do you recommend?

Here are 6 Great Snack Ideas:

  1. 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt or non-fat, plain Greek yogurt with fresh fruit
  2. 1-2 cheese sticks or slices of cheese and whole grain crackers
  3. 1 tbsp natural nut butter and fresh fruit
  4. Trail mix- made at home to control ingredients
  5. Humus and vegetables
  6. Black bean dip and baked corn chips/veggies

These examples illustrate the important concept of combining carb with protein and/or fat. Rather than just having a piece of fruit, I have it paired with the natural nut butter, which offers some protein and heart healthy fat will leave you more satisfied than just the apple alone.

But isn’t the peanut butter also high in calories?

Yes, it is packed with energy. However, the idea is that we take the total calories we should be consuming in a day and break it down into 3 meals and 2-3 snacks. So this satisfying snack is part of your day that sustains you, but doesn’t exceed the total calories you should be having in a day. Again, if you were to have a one 100 calorie snack of crackers or cookies it may be lower in calories but won’t hold you over so you will likely over eat at a meal or another snack and then ultimately have too many calories in your day.

How do you suggest someone figure out how many calories they have in a day?

I recommend going to and entering your information to create a personal profile and then daily food plan.