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Make a Plan Before a Resolution

January is usually a month of people seeking new products, often desperate to try the newest thing they have read about or seen on TV as they once again attempt to travel down the path to better living. Unfortunately, many of these attempts will be just that…attempts. If you are looking to make a healthy change to your diet (whether it’s to lose weight, eat more fruits and vegetables, reduce your sodium or anything else) you must start with a solid plan. Begin by asking yourself these very important questions.

Why do I want to change? Make sure you are doing it for yourself or you won’t be motivated to follow through.

Have I tried this before? If you are going to try something that you have tried before (such as going carb free) then come up with a different strategy. Obviously it didn’t work the first time. Repeating it wouldn’t make sense.

What makes eating well hard for me? As your dietitian, this is the one that I am most interested in. Is it your busy week and work schedule? Do you need quick, healthful recipes? Do you get overwhelmed at the supermarket? Establish your barriers to healthful eating and set a plan to overcome them.

Is living well one of my top 3 priorities for the day? Of course, we all have responsibilities and commitments that rule our day. However if taking care of yourself isn’t in your top three priorities for the day then you may find that you are in the same place next New Year.

It is important to know that WE ALL have the ability to live better as long as we have the right plan for success.